We are happy to announce that we have our first formal review posted from Professional Power Tool Guide. Please take a moment to look over their views and as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

The review is posted here.
Thank you to everyone who has continued their support and confidence in our progress here at LogicaTool. We have endured initial start up delays, however we are excited to share our latest pics which illustrate the quality of US machining and plating processes. We should hopefully receive our stock by the end of next week.
I can't say how proud this picture makes this company. What you are seeing is the first full production batch of our HEXtension Short, with Standards to come. These are all "in the white," still awaiting hardening, coating, and the installation of the ball plunger, at which point they will be ready for shipment and then ultimately wind up in the hands of our waiting customers. To all of you that have been following and waiting, we offer a huge thank you. We never could have kept working at this if not for the valuable input, support, and excitement that has been sustained by our friends, family, and the entire online tool community. We look forward to the coming weeks, in which we'll finally be putting our product to the ultimate test: the consumer. We think you'll be very pleased with what you find.


The Logica Team
Shaun & Andrew

Today Shaun and Andrew are proud to present our demonstration video, showcasing various uses of our HEXtension in action. We used several fasteners on Shaun's Camaro that we could take clear, concise video of, displaying the multiple capabilities of the HEXtension. Take a look and see how our tool can benefit you!
After a long and challenge filled design process, we are happy to report that our latest design prototypes for the HEXtension passed stress testing with flying colors, holding 150 lb-ft of torque as measured on the torque wrench. We suspect that the force may even have spiked as high as 160 lb-ft, but the wrench only reads to 150, so we cannot say for certain. The design has proven robust, with only minimal fatiguing visible along the male end from when we seriously torqued on the tool. As long as you treat your HEXtension with respect and care, it'll do the same for you, remaining durable and long lasting. See below for a slideshow of the new prototypes, including the advances in design to relieve stress points and increase overall user friendliness. The prototype we tested was of 4130 steel; we will be conducting testing with a 4140 unit next week, and then we will make our final decision for production. Again, we want to express how grateful we are to the patience shown by everyone as we work to bring to market a tool that will last for years to come.
Over the weekend, Shaun and I were able to spend some quality time underneath his pickup truck in order to do some work on the automatic transmission. This gave us an opportunity to take some demo photos of our tool in action, with lots of slippery situations, tight confines, and clearance issues. The names and models of tools that are from other brands have been blurred to protect the innocent. See what came of it below!
These photos represent the latest updates to our design and showcase the progress being made. On display is the improved ball plunger vs. the original, smaller unit, as well as various applications for use of the tool. This demonstrates the versatility inherent in the HEXtension design. You can also see the difference between our larger, more positive ball plunger vs. the competition. Currently, we are hard at work improving the design of the head of the tool, ensuring maximum strength and durability. Because our goal is to bring the best tool to market, we will be doing one additional prototype run to test the strength updates. After which, production can begin. We thank everyone for their continued interest and patience. We couldn't do it without your support.
Hello tool fans. We've got exciting news here at Logica Tool: our latest prototype is finally in our hot little hands, and we're eager to share some photos with you all. Before that, though, we want to let everyone know just where we stand on production.

We're still seeking to bring to our customers the best tool money can buy. It is for that reason that our tool has undergone further revision, adding strength and improved use through a more precisely defined hardening process and by adding beveling to the transition areas of the tool. In addition, we have sourced a better ball plunger with a more positive spring pressure and a larger ball, improving socket retention and tactile feedback.

Because of these updates, we will be delaying full production and producing additional prototype units so that we can be sure we are bringing to market the very best tool that we can produce. We appreciate the support and patience everyone has provided along the way, and can't wait to get production units into eager hands.

In the meantime, please see below for some great photos of our latest prototype!
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Laser etching to be replaced by traditional etching
Reverse side