Over the weekend, Shaun and I were able to spend some quality time underneath his pickup truck in order to do some work on the automatic transmission. This gave us an opportunity to take some demo photos of our tool in action, with lots of slippery situations, tight confines, and clearance issues. The names and models of tools that are from other brands have been blurred to protect the innocent. See what came of it below!
These photos represent the latest updates to our design and showcase the progress being made. On display is the improved ball plunger vs. the original, smaller unit, as well as various applications for use of the tool. This demonstrates the versatility inherent in the HEXtension design. You can also see the difference between our larger, more positive ball plunger vs. the competition. Currently, we are hard at work improving the design of the head of the tool, ensuring maximum strength and durability. Because our goal is to bring the best tool to market, we will be doing one additional prototype run to test the strength updates. After which, production can begin. We thank everyone for their continued interest and patience. We couldn't do it without your support.