Hello tool fans. We've got exciting news here at Logica Tool: our latest prototype is finally in our hot little hands, and we're eager to share some photos with you all. Before that, though, we want to let everyone know just where we stand on production.

We're still seeking to bring to our customers the best tool money can buy. It is for that reason that our tool has undergone further revision, adding strength and improved use through a more precisely defined hardening process and by adding beveling to the transition areas of the tool. In addition, we have sourced a better ball plunger with a more positive spring pressure and a larger ball, improving socket retention and tactile feedback.

Because of these updates, we will be delaying full production and producing additional prototype units so that we can be sure we are bringing to market the very best tool that we can produce. We appreciate the support and patience everyone has provided along the way, and can't wait to get production units into eager hands.

In the meantime, please see below for some great photos of our latest prototype!
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